How to Place an Ad Code in a Blogger

Follow this simple steps to place Poptm Ad Code in Blobber:-

You can place an ad in a gadget. Add a new gadget by clicking the Layout tab on your Blogger Dashboard. Then follow these steps:

1. Go to layout tab on your Blogger Dashboard.

you can find the layout option in you blogger dashboard, or click the edit page option in your blob to assess your dashboard.


2. Click Add a Gadget in the place on-screen where you want your ad to appear.

Doing so places the ad.


3. Enter your ad HTML or JavaScript code and a title.

When the gadget opens automatically, paste your HTML code in the text area below the title. Add a title that will help you remember what’s in this gadget — this title will also be visible on your blog template.


4. Click and drag the gadget to move the ad gadget where the ad should appear.



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