How to Put Poptm’s Ad code in a Blogger Gadget

The physical process of placing poptm ads in your blog will vary based on the blogging platform you use and your blog template. Blogger blogs make it very easy to include advertising in their gadgets, but you have less control over the overall functionality of your blog.

1. Click Add a Gadget in the place on-screen where you want your ad to appear.poptm

Doing so places the ad.

2. Click the plus sign next to the HTML/JavaScript option.


Click Save.

3. Enter your Poptm ad JavaScript code and a title.

When the gadget opens automatically, paste your Poptm ad code in the text area below the title. Add a title that will help you remember what’s in this gadget — this title will also be visible on your blog template.

4. Click and drag the gadget to move the ad gadget where the ad should appear.

No further saving is necessary.



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