Bypassing AdBlock

How AdBlock Blocks our Ads ?

Usually AdBlock starts blocking an Ad by simply blocking the domain of the ad network. So that, It has a large database of blacklisted domains. And when an Ad pops up, The domain of the Ad network is automatically added to the AdBlock plugins blacklisting database. This is how an Ad is blocked by AdBlocking plugin.

Another method of filtering is simply to block or prevent auto-play of Flash animation or image loading or Windows audio and video files. This can be done in most browsers easily and also improves security and privacy. This crude technological method is refined by numerous browser extensions. Every internet browser handles this task differently, but, in general, one alters the options, preferences or application extensions to filter specific media types. An additional add-on is usually required to differentiate between ads and non-ads using the same technology, or between wanted and unwanted ads or behaviours.

How poptm bypasses AdBlock?

Poptm uses an advanced Rotating Code Technique to bypass ad blocks. In which a ad code is linked to series of dummy sub-domains generated by the poptm server and it automatically linked to encrypted file which you have in your server, Through which the ads on your site will open under your domain-name, But showing poptm specified ad on the new this is how Poptm bypasses AdBlock plug-ins.

What is an rotating Ad Code ?

It is an encrypted php script that includes our script for interchanging dummy sub-domains which are generated by poptm server, and also it will change the dummy sub-domain each and every one hour uniquely for each publisher. So that AdBlock will never be able to block your Ad Codes in any way.

How is this profitable to me ?

Since Ad-Blocking plug-ins is blocking you 50% of the profit, you could generate from any other Ad Network, But, Poptm assure you 99.9% of profit through bypassing Ad-Block plug-ins. So it definitely means that you are profitable with poptm.