Terms & Conditions

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Poptm.Com have a strong commitment to protect the privacy of its users. Our privacy policy aims to ensure the protection of privacy of our users and to provide them with control over the decision how their information is being used.

Acceptance of Terms

i By using or visiting Poptm.Com, you agree to be bound by this Policy. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not use our website or our services. Poptm.Com reserves the right to change or modify the Policy at any time, without prior notice, by posting the modified Policy on the website. Your continued use of our service indicates your acceptance of any revised Policy.

Refund Policy

ii At Poptm, If an advertise wants to stop the campaign and requests for refund of the remaining amount, it will be only paid to the deposited payment ID and payment processor and poptm will deduct 20% (i.e, Service charge + Payment gateway fee + taxes) from the amount to be refunded.

Information Gathered

iii Poptm.Com collects personal information only about its registered users (for purposes of providing the service and making necessary payments or payment collection) and collects non-personally identifiable information from its Publishers users and visitors to improve the performance of the website and service and to assure quality of the service and enrichment of the offerings to Publishers, Advertisers and their users and Visitors. In the process of registration or use of the service, you may be required to provide personal information including, but not limited to, User Name, Password, First and Last Name, Email Address, Country and other identifying information (including payment information). Poptm.Com may further collect information about the time, type and manner of use of the Service. This information may include information regarding the IP Address, time of usages, and other information regarding the use of the website.

Data and Information security

iv Poptm.Com is committed to protect the security of its users data and information and will take necessary steps to assure data and information security. Access to personally identifying information will be protected and controlled by password and restricted permissions. However, by using the website or service, you agree that Poptm.Com will not be liable for any third party action, misuse, abuse or infringement of data and information security.

Anti-Malware Policy

v The advertiser is fully responsible for any direct or indirect malware present on the campaign landing page. If the campaign URL, the website itself or any location that the website redirect to with or without the visitors consent spread malware of any kind, we have the right to stop your campaign and ban your account without any refund.

Fraudulent Activity

vi In order to protect our Advertisers and third parties from any form of fraudulent activity, Poptm may, at our discretion, terminate any account that we believe violates one of our rules or that has very low conversion ratios. We reserve the right to request server logs, analytic proof, and traffic source proof from our Publishers for investigation. In the case of non-agreement between Poptm and the Publisher regarding fraudulent activity, the decision of Poptm shall be the final. Any account that has been cancelled due to fraudulent activities or due to low conversion ratios will not receive payment. Poptm considers fraudulent traffic in such cases if the publisher tends to provide VPN traffic, Proxy traffic, Buying traffic and Auto-Generated Traffic, In cases where fraud has occurred and payment has been made, Poptm may take legal action against the Publisher in addition to closing the account immediately.